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Rep. Paquette facilitates brainstorming session with teachers and state lawmakers
RELEASE|February 20, 2020
Contact: Brad Paquette

Rep. Brad Paquette facilitated an education brainstorming session on Wednesday with a group of teachers and fellow lawmakers to discuss the future of education in Michigan and how educators can play a larger role in the policy formation process. Trusted Voices, a nonpartisan advocacy group of educators, partnered with Rep. Paquette to host the session.

“The decision-making process when it comes to education must always be in collaboration with those on the front lines.” Paquette said. “This brainstorming session sparked some great conversations and opened up doors for positive change in the future.”

Rep.Paquette served five years as a public school teacher, and has been an advocate for innovative education policy since entering the Legislature in 2018. For more information on Rep. Paquette please visit www.RepPaquette.com

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