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Rep. Hoitenga votes to restore vital programs to support Northern Michigan families
RELEASE|March 12, 2020

Plan passes House and Senate, now heads to governor

State Rep. Michele Hoitenga, of Manton, this week voted in favor of an emergency budget to restore funding for several crucial state programs to support people in Northern Michigan.

Hoitenga joined the Legislature in restoring funding for child advocacy centers, veterans, school aid, health and public safety services, and adoption services. The plan also reinstates resources for human trafficking survivors, including $1 million for long-term shelters that support victims of this heinous crime.

“Important programs like these never should have been slashed by the governor to begin with,” Rep. Hoitenga said. “It is my hope she will approve the supplemental budget, as it is what is in the best interest for the people in Northern Michigan and throughout Michigan.”

Rep. Hoitenga also voted to restore funding in programming grants, which will benefit programs throughout the entire state, including Manton Library in the amount of $200,000. She also voted to fund $5 million for high water grants, which help local communities deal with damage caused by high-water levels along the Great Lakes shoreline and inland waterways.

The budget plan was approved by the House and Senate, and now heads to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for approval.

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