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Rep. Calley supports plan to end governor’s dangerous COVID-19 nursing home policy
RELEASE|July 22, 2020
Contact: Julie Calley

State Rep. Julie Calley today supported a plan to rectify the governor’s fatal error that may have contributed to the COVID-related deaths of at least some of the nearly 2,000 nursing home residents who have died in Michigan.

Calley, of Portland, said the mandate to put COVID-19 patients into long-term care facilities alongside uninfected residents was decided by the governor alone, without any legislative input. The governor has chosen to continue the policy, despite evidence that it could be putting thousands of more lives at risk.

“I cannot comprehend why anyone would think putting COVID-19 patients into our nursing homes under the same roof as our most vulnerable residents was a good idea,” Calley said. “How much longer must our loved ones be at risk before the governor agrees to end this policy?”

The plan requires the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Department (DHHS), along with the state department for Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, to complete an evaluation and report of the current policies regarding COVID-19 patients and nursing homes by Aug. 15.

Additionally, the legislation requires DHHS to develop and implement a new plan by Sept. 1 creating at least one dedicated regional facility within each of the state’s eight health regions for use as COVID-19 patient facilities.

Finally, Senate Bill 956, unlike the governor’s current plan, protects nursing home residents by prohibiting the placement of individuals with COVID-19 in any long-term care facility unless it has a separate dedicated building where infected patients can be properly cared for while quarantined.


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