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Rep. Afendoulis: Social anarchy can’t be tolerated in Michigan
RELEASE|June 24, 2020

In an effort to keep Michigan families safe and to protect communities from looting and destruction, state Rep. Lynn Afendoulis today introduced a plan establishing harsher penalties for the crime of “social anarchy.”

The Afendoulis plan serves as a response to recent rioting and looting across Michigan. Afendoulis, of Grand Rapids Township, said Kent County Commissioner Tom Antor expressed the need for a stronger response and penalties for people who rioted in downtown Grand Rapids in early June.

“We simply cannot tolerate anarchy in our communities,” Afendoulis said. “It rips at the very things that make our country and state great: the sense of safety and an orderly society that Michiganders – and Americans – deserve. In Michigan, we believe in law and order and we are sending a clear message to those who seek to riot, loot and destroy our communities: you will not get away with it.”

Current state laws allow rioters and looters to get away with lesser charges that don’t match the crime. Under the Afendoulis plan, “social anarchy” would be included in Michigan’s terrorism law and carry a 20-year maximum imprisonment penalty and a fine of $250,000 or triple the amount of the damages, whichever is more.  

“I am worried for our children who are constantly being exposed to anger, destruction, anarchy and hopelessness. We need to restore order, confidence and hope – for our children and for the health of our communities,” Afendoulis said.

House Bills 5900 and 5901 have been referred to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration.


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