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Rep. Maddock says governor ought to fund roads with cuts, not taxes
RELEASE|March 5, 2019
Contact: Matt Maddock

State Rep. Matt Maddock of Milford, chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, today issued the following statement after Gov. Whitmer announced her state budget proposal:

“By proposing a 45-cent gas tax increase, the governor is asking Michiganders to pay $600 more per vehicle every year because there’s nothing in the $57 Billion state budget to cut. That’s just not the case. We owe it to every working family in the state to take this opportunity to locate and identify waste within our budget and fund our roads with that money first, before we grind people down with more taxes. It’s there. We all know it.

“Another tax increase is politically lazy. I’m not looking for the easy way out on this. Only after doing our due-diligence by identifying waste within every state department should we even consider a tax increase.”


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