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Rep. Huizenga applauds House approved budget plan
RELEASE|June 13, 2019
Contact: Mark Huizenga

Legislator commends savings, accountable government and spending in key areas

State Rep. Mark Huizenga this week voted to approve a state budget plan for the upcoming year that keeps government small while investing in areas that increase individual opportunities.

The House budget plan costs taxpayers about $1.3 billion less than the plan recommended by the governor. The proposal injects needed money into roads, schools, clean drinking water and environment initiatives along with skilled trades.

“This is about ensuring our state government delivers positive outcomes for residents and that it’s serving customers properly as they do business with Michigan through living here and paying taxes here,” said Huizenga, of Walker.

The plan raises the state’s minimum per-pupil foundation allowance by $180 per student in a majority of Michigan school districts. All school districts would get at least $90 more per student, coming on top of the largest annual per-student increase of the past 15 years within the current budget year.

Early literacy and career training are special focuses as the overall school aid fund would surpass $15 billion. Skilled trades will also see support by shifting funds and adding nearly $750,000 for additional grants in the Going Pro initiative that will increase the viability, versatility and potential of Michigan’s workforce.

“As we educate the next generation, we must put them in a position to have success across a wide variety of fields so they are able to support themselves and their families,” Huizenga said. “Unemployment has dropped from nearly 15 percent in mid-2009 to about 4 percent now. It is important to continue on that trajectory and we need to continue to emphasize career training in our schools and programs such as Going Pro. This keeps Michigan at the forefront of job readiness and will help retain and attract talent.”

The Michigan Legislature has committed $125 million in statewide resources to PFAS detection, investigation and cleanup efforts since 2017 and the budget plan ensures proper environmental protection across the board – including a prioritized, sustained commitment to combating PFAS and invasive species.

The measures now move to the Senate for consideration.

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