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Rep. Cole: Michigan House maintains commitment to strong COVID-19 safety protocols
RELEASE|June 10, 2020

Reps can now vote through online app while distancing in House chamber

House Majority Floor Leader Triston Cole today said the Michigan House has taken strong actions to keep representatives and staff healthy and allow the people’s house to safely conduct business during COVID-19. This week, a new system has been implemented to allow legislators to cast votes on legislation using an online application while social distancing in the chamber.

Cole, of Mancelona, said the new app will streamline the voting process while some legislators continue to sit at assigned locations spaced out in the chamber’s gallery, rather than their desks.

“Much like workplaces all across the state, the Michigan House has had to make adjustments to keep legislators healthy and safe while we continue to conduct the people’s business in the age of COVID-19,” Cole said. “This new system will save time and allow the House to operate more efficiently.”

Cole said legislators who have been sitting in the gallery and verbally recording their vote will now be able to vote through a web app on their state-provided laptop. Voting must still conform to the usual standards and rules of the House, including legislators voting only from their assigned positions, on their own device and within the chamber.


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