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Rep. Bollin: Michigan House votes to protect students, vulnerable residents
RELEASE|December 5, 2019
Contact: Ann Bollin

Legislator continues fight to reverse funding cuts

Rep. Ann Bollin voted with the state House to reverse the governor’s cuts to education, public safety and several other programs helping Michigan’s most vulnerable residents.

A measure sponsored by Bollin – restoring $600,000 to form a grant program to help community organizations establish or expand support services for people seeking long-term recovery from substance use disorders – was incorporated into the House-approved plan.

“I’ve heard from many people in our community who are directly affected by the governor’s cuts, and I’ve listened to their concerns,” Bollin said. “It’s time to put the 2019 budget behind us and move forward.”

Bollin, of Brighton Township, said the measure would also restore a tuition grant program helping students at independent colleges across the state and ensure public charter school students get the same investment from the state as all other public-school students.

The plan Bollin supports also restores funding for:

  • Veterans. The plan would restore grants Whitmer vetoed to ensure military veterans can get access to services they need at the county level, along with several other veto reversals.
  • Public safety. The House-approved measure reverses the governor’s $13 million in cuts to the program allowing sheriffs to hire patrols for secondary roads. The House also voted to restore $10 million Whitmer eliminated for school safety grants.

The measures approved by the House – which don’t include any tax increases – next advance to the Senate for further consideration.


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